Why Put Artifical Lawn Grass on my Balcony?

artificial grass in IndiaSome people may be skeptical about artificial grass because of the potential high cost of installation and a worry that it will not look like the real thing, but there are many positives to artificial grass that should quell any reservations.

One of the biggest benefits to using artificial grass is the low maintenance.  Artificial grass requires no trimming and is not dependent on weather conditions to maintain that fresh, green look that is desirable.  The extent of maintenance for artificial grass is occasional hosing down with water to remove dirt, leaves, or natural residue. 

While natural grass can incur damage from children, pets, vehicles, or weather conditions artificial grass is resilient against outside elements, no matter what they may be.  One huge testament to the durability of artificial grass is the use of turf for professional sports; if a game of soccer does not ruin the artificial grass there is not much that will.

Because artificial grass does not require high maintenance to retain its appearance it will remain vibrant year-round whereas natural grass tends to dry out and brown when the weather conditions are not optimal.  In addition, with artificial grass there is no chance of unsightly weed growth or damage from tunneling rodents and other animals.

Another advantage to using artificial grass which is highly convenient is that it can be laid anywhere, even on top of concrete.  Because of this characteristic it is ideal for use on patios, balconies, porches, or even over driveways and sidewalks.  Artificial grass is the ideal choice for those areas where grass is not naturally able to grow.  Unlike natural grass artificial grass can thrive in shaded areas because it does not need sunshine or water to maintain its lush beauty.

An added benefit to using artificial grass in India is that caring for it is more environmentally friendly than natural grass.  In order to keep a natural lawn healthy and free of harmful insects and weeds insecticides are often used.  The use of insecticides pollutes the immediate area; in addition the grass clippings from mowing can travel into the water supply causing further pollution.  Mowing is harmful as well because it releases harsh fuel emissions which pollute the air.  With artificial grass there is no danger of harming the natural environment because there is so little maintenance required.

One of the most ideal places for laying artificial grass is on an above-ground outdoor space such as a balcony.  Many times condo or apartment living does not include the outdoor space that people crave.  In this instance it can be comforting to look outside and see a balcony covered in beautiful green grass, even if it is not natural.  Pets will enjoy lying on an artificial grass patio as well because they do not often get grass space when living above ground level. 

Artificial grass is a viable and smart choice when looking for a natural fake grass substitute.  The ease of having a low-maintenance lawn space that is also attractive, environmentally friendly, convenient, and durable is more than worth any extra cost the consumer may incur.


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