Things to Consider Before Purchasing Artificial Golf Grass

Many homeowners in India, who have installed an artificial golf turf have made some avoidable mistakes that could have easily saved them from a bad installation. Being one of the prominent suppliers in India, we have mentioned a few things that people need to pay attention before installing artificial golf grass for their home or office.

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Read on to know Things to Consider Before Purchasing Artificial Golf Grass

Things to Consider Before Installing Golf Turf!


The way you wish to utilize an artificial golf grass will determine the kind of grass you choose. While any other artificial grass green is ideal for landscaping, installing an artificial golf turf will actually let you utilize the space in a more sporty way. This is especially great when you have young kids around. You and your kids can practice and play in your own mini-golf course in your backyard.

There are different cuts and types of artificial golf grass. You will choose one depending upon the design you wish your backyard to hone.


Choosing the right artificial golf turf also depends upon the amount of traffic your space will witness. If you are going to install a small golf course in your office then this does not really matter, but if you are installing it in your backyard then you need to think of this factor. If there are more people who are going to use the artificial golf turf then it really needs to be durable.


Quality depends upon the softness and consistency of colour of the artificial grass. This makes them more expensive than other turfs and we feel that you should consider quality over price as this is a long-term decision. Search for suppliers or manufacturers who are reputable and have a superior range of products. Always ask for samples before you make a decision.

4.Pile Height

The length of the grass blades is called pile height. If you are not that into a sporting lawn and just wish to host a recreational golfing event, once every year, you should choose artificial golf turf with a taller pile height. This will enable the homeowners to have a lush and soft lawn.

If you wish to have a normal grass-like appeal, then go for 30 to 37mm in pile height and if you wish to add more elements and features along with the golf course, you should always consider adding grass with shorter pile height.


Artificial grass by nature requires less maintenance when compared to the natural one. But still, there are a few ways you can maintain your artificial golf turf to increase its life and keep it in its best quality for years to come. Costlier turfs will not require much maintenance and cheaper ones might require frequent maintenance. So choose accordingly.


A warranty covers the durability of the artificial golf turf. This gives assurance on the longevity of your installation. Try to read the fine print and know what you are getting into.

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