Top Reasons to Go for Artificial Turf

Natural football grass can’t usually sustain a surface of high quality football for playing more than three hundred hours in a year. At the time when football pitch is used regularly the natural grass will be too subjected to overuse and it results in an inconsistent surface or a bald patches. Thus, artificial turf is one of the best solutions which increase the playing hours without compromising the quality of the pitch. Football turf or the artificial turf has been used for decades and for various sports which vary in intensity. Whether the sand filled or the unfilled artificial turf is suitable or not for football is one of the debatable matters. Thus, all this lead to the creation of third generation systems, which have infill of both rubber and sand, called football turf. This resembles the real football ground. Artificial turf’s potential was acknowledged by FIFA regarding the development of football. The turf is weather resistance as well as of intense use. This made it eligible to be used as one of the best alternatives to natural grass. However, third generation product range will show a great difference in quality among the systems present in the market.

Football Turf

The playing surface made artificially, and has been tested on field as well as in laboratory according to the FIFA quality program, based on the stringent testing criteria, is known as football turf. The meaning of the name is that the system which fulfill all the requirements regarding quality and necessary for playing football in terms of safety, quality assurance, playing, durability and performance. And for identifying the turf fields, FIFA quality mark has been awarded by FIFA which will meet the standard for amateur as well as community along with the FIFA quality PRO mark for ensuring the greatest playing performance for the game played at professional level. Football put a set of challenges which is unique for the manufacturers of turfs. The turfs must be manufactured in such a way that the lower ligament of the players will be protected while playing; attenuate the shocks for reducing the concussions chances, all these things will provide the agility and speed required by the player while performing in the game. Meanwhile for delivering such benefits the turf will incorporate different innovative technologies.

Reasons for using an artificial turf for playing football are listed below-

  • Consistent playability- artificial turfs or the football pitches are installed in such a way that it can be used all round the year as it is weather resistant and can be played in any weather conditions.
  • Versatility- artificial turfs are versatile and can be used as a multi-purpose solution form each and every requirement related to football game.
  • Cost effective- installing an artificial turf needs higher investment than a natural grass pitch, but regular maintenance provides more playing hours than the natural grass.
  • Durability- artificial turf can be used more frequently as well as for longer time if regular maintenance is given to it.
  • Low maintenance, low cost- maintaining natural grass pitch requires investment of time, capital and effort while a quality artificial turf is easy to maintain and more affordable.

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