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Top 5 Types of Artificial Grass Used as Football Turf

Artificial Football Turf has become popular over the years, especially after the FIFA association (FA) allowed the use of synthetic grass for football pitches. The federation issued a list of guidelines suggesting the type of turf to be used on soccer pitches.

1. AstroTurf

The AstroTurf invented in 1966, though it was not so players-friendly with little padding and no flexibility to the surface. However, as the technology advanced, the original AstroTurf modified through 3G technology. It comes enabled with durable quality and provides good playability. There are some more benefits of 3G AstroTurf. Here’s what;

  • The traditional AstroTurf manufactured sprinkled with sand while 3G technology uses a rubber crumb fill
  • It is more durable than the traditional one
  • You can play continuously for eighty hours every week

2. Hybrid Turf

Hybrid turf is very popular today as it is the combination of natural grass and artificial fibers. Catch up with the benefits of Hybrid Turf here;

  • The Hybrid Turf similar to natural turf
  • It meets the FA’s stringent requirements
  • The amount of fiber consists of only 3% of totals surface area

How Hybrid Grass Installed

  • The artificial hybrid grass injected in around the natural grass on the Football field
  • Mostly, the hybrid fiber grass maintains the density of natural grass
  • With the growth of natural grass, its roots meshed up with the fiber grass
  • They hold almost similar properties as you cannot differentiate between the two easily

3. Field Turf

Field Turf grass is the newer evolution made out of cutting-edge technology which mimics the natural grass. The field turf is has achieved its dominance in terms of the number of fields including football ground using this product.

Why is It so Popular?

  • It perfectly imitates natural grass
  • It is made of polyethylene blades mixed with crushed tires
  • The crumb rubber or crushed tires keeps field turf surface soft and flexible
  • Such football turf costs less and provides better playability

4. Green Touch

Green Touch is provided by Namgrass offers innovative curled nylon fibers. The product is ideal for football turf surfaces while it can also be sued to create better lawn and roof.

Why Green Touch

  • The product provides a green touch feel which is as soft as the natural grass
  • Available in 32 mm pile heights
  • Comes in uniquely dense structure
  • Designed for home, lawn, and commercial purposes

5. Green Meadow

Green Meadow is artificial turf manufactured in India and other countries. The product is authentic looking artificial grass can be the best suitable football practice field.

Why Meadow Grass

  • Uniquely soft in quality
  • Available in 2mm and 4mm roll widths

Why Playing Football on Artificial Grass Turf Profitable

Artificial Turf Pitch holds a number of benefits for players, football club, and capacity.

  • Provides 24/7/365 playability
  • No weather effect
  • More playing hours compared to natural grass pitches
  • More players can do practice
  • Highly durable in quality
  • Requires no maintenance

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