Things to Know Before Installing Artificial Tennis Grass

Things to Know Before Installing Artificial Tennis Grass

Over the years tennis has become one of the most played games across the world. With this growing popularity, the demand of the actual tennis courts is at its peak. The tennis court can be made of both natural or artificial grass. However, the natural grass needs regular care and high maintenance. At the same time, it is not all weather compatible. Athletes may have to wait or reduce practice hour during the rainy season. So, the artificial tennis grass is the best alternative for players.

History of Artificial Turf, All We Know So Far

In the early 60’s when not all athletes fields were made of natural grass due to less water and sunlight availability. That has become challenges for most of the field manager to manage. Sometimes, due to lack of proper grass in the field, the field manager had to find other fields to host the game. Initially, they were left with no option but to use green paint to makeover the field. However, in between 60’s, the synthetic grass was invented. Then it was called “Chem. Grass”. Soon it came into limelight due to its impressive result.

No Water Required

One of the top benefits of having the artificial tennis turf is that it needs no water. You will save 100 gallons of water which you may have been spending in watering the natural grass turf in past. The artificial tennis grass helps you in both ways -by providing premium tennis court and saving precious water for other uses.

All Weather Compatibility

During the rainy season, one cannot play on a tennis court made of natural grass. The natural grass turf turns into mud and slippery. At the same time, it takes a lot of time to dry while artificial grass is far less slippery and even gets dry out faster than the natural turf. Players can continue their game without any interruption.

Artificial Tennis Grass is Players’ Friendly

Natural grass can turn bumpy which can create some unfavourable noise for athletes and even cause them to injury. But, the artificial tennis grass provides true bounce and remains smooth for a longer period of time. Apart from this, there are some other benefits of having artificial turf. Let’s check out.

Flat Surface:
The consistent surface texture like no change in thickness or pile heights help players to focus more on the game without bothering for any injury.

Improves Playability:
Artificial Tennis grass perfectly suits players. If the tennis ball bounces well, then it’s called a good tennis pitch and the artificial grass makes it completely perfect.

Offers Players Soft Surface:
There were times when artificial grass highly criticised due to the harsh surfaces while today the things have changed dramatically and people admire the soft nature of it. The quality surface helps players to increase their playability.

Ease of Maintenance

If you have managed natural grass turf, then who could know better than you the cost and hard work it takes to maintain it? As compared to natural grass maintenance, the artificial grass costs zero. All you need to do is to sweep away the debris or dust on the artificial grass turf.

Better for Body

Tennis is the most physically demanding game where players have to quickly move position or dart from one side to another. The perfect tennis court will help the players to be more efficient.

No Sign of Wear & Tear

In tennis, the movement of the body constantly changes that may cause to weaken the natural grass turf. But, the tennis artificial grass can bear the heavy traffic and shows no sign of wear and tear for long.

In short, the artificial grass can be found in almost all tennis court because of its players’ friendly nature.

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