Which Sports can Benefit from Artificial Grass?

Don’t you wish to enjoy a summer garden even in winter? Well, now you can! India does not witness a snowy winter in the majority of its state as they share a coastal boundary. With this, it makes it a country for home-owners who enjoy a great landscape garden, all year long. But grass and landscape maintenance make it difficult to have a green backyard, due to which many houses in India have hard scapes rather than green ones. Change this and install artificial turfs to increase the appeal of your home.

With artificial truf, not only you have a good place to relax but can let your kids have a better training space to help them hone skills that can help them to play professionally. We have mentioned a few sports that have started welcoming the artificial turfs.

Artificial Grass

Sports that can Benefit from Artificial Grass

1. Football

Quick Fact- Even FIFA supports artificial turf for training.
Football federations have grown really fond of artificial turfs, due to which the manufacturers have produced football turfs. The turf has the following characteristics which allow it to perform exactly like the natural grass.

  • Cushioned underlay
  • Better grass surface
  • Safety for the players

2. Golf

Golf requires practice and what better than practising at your own home, in your own convenient time. Install golf turf to have this luxury. Natural golf course requires a lot of maintenance but not with an artificial golf turf as they have benefits like:

  • Every surface has play time. Usually, the natural grass has a play time of 250 hours but with artificial turf, there are no limits and boundaries to the play time, letting you maximize your play without any extra cost of upkeep or renovations.
  • These artificial turfs are available in many sizes and colour and can be installed according to the surface you require to play on.
  • You do not need to apply any chemicals to keep it clean.

3. Hockey

Hockey is our national sport and lately, there have been many schools installing hockey fields. But before you plan on going professional, we feel that they should start with baby steps, by installing artificial hockey turfs. These turfs can allow a good practice them and will allow a buffer time which indeed will be a great time to prepare themselves to play on the professional field.

4. Tennis

There are many problems with the natural tennis turfs due to which even the professionals have started resorting the artificial tennis turfs. The natural grass tennis court can have problems like:

  • A bumpy surface which can injure the players and cause noise in the play.
  • Regular care
  • High maintenance
  • It is not suitable for an all-weather play.

Due to this reason, people and federations have started adapting to artificial tennis turf.

5. Cricket

Finally, the most beloved sport of India, Cricket! With kids picking up a bat before they even begin with books, Indians surely know how to play cricket. If you are someone who wishes to enjoy the same in your backyard, then try installing artificial cricket turfs. Artificial cricket turfs are not only a good option for a quick play with family and friends but they also have a great surface to sharpen your skills and play like professionals. The artificial cricket grass has benefits like:

  • Better ball to bat play
  • Enhance the bowlers’ skills with even playing surface
  • A great surface for junior matches
  • Can be easily installed in a smaller facility

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