Soccer Turf – A Hot Favorite Of Players

Soccer TurfGreen is the Next Artificial Turf

Feel Green and more natural with artificial turf installation. Its quintessential features of being green and productive have received a thumbs up from the users. Replacing the boggy and rough surface of natural turf, the artificial turf proved its power and susceptibility to endure harsh whether conditions. This turf is attractive, alluring and ecologically sustainable. What more can you ask for?

Classic Usage

Artificial turf is an expensive investment, but it renders ample benefits for long time. Your kids can arrange a safe and green barbecue and play football for hours. Eminent players are an ardent fan of fake soccer turf, as it provides extended hours of playing, and does not give chance to rains for quitting the matches. Soccer turf has high endurance quality and lower maintenance cost. You do not need to water or mow the lawn as you did to the natural court. Zero use of pesticides is made and even if it gets infected, the professionals will use the Eco-friendly sprays and make a germ-free court. Artificial turf in sports grounds gives chance to earn bucks. How? You can rent the field to reputed sports authorities, and they would admire the crystal-green appearance of soccer turf. Big returns is what the soccer turf aims for.

Favorite of Players

The pro soccer players are in favor of installing the soccer turf in their stadiums. The soccer turf provides an effortless game with higher bounce on each pass. It gives a zero possibility of leg or knee injury to the players. The soccer turf blades are made with plastic and recycled rubber. It gives soft feel and comfort to the player’s feet while running. The blades are protected with a silicon lubrication layer, that adds to the feeling of softness and greener appearance.

FIFA Finds It Good

When it comes to sports, FIFA federation is obvious to quote. There are lot many discussions and tests that FIFA conducted on artificial grass. It has laid down requirements for soccer turf usage in International soccer matches. They ask a lot of attention and quality playing. Artificial grass in the FIFA pitches, is certified and nominated for the sports ground usage. To assess the best quality FIFA has set two quality star levels:

1. For recreational (domicile), communal and municipal use- 1 star.

2. For professional use- 2 stars.

International women’s football and national youth league matches, are played with soccer turf. They are sanctioned by the federation. The A-league matches are yet to decide on natural or fake grass option.


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