Pricing Factors to Consider While Installing Golf Green Grass

Every hard-core golfer dreams about having his own backyard golf green. We totally understand the feeling of having your own little mini golf at their home. Mini golf can be a great social activity that can elevate your mood and relax your levels of anxiety and stress.

But these golf enthusiasts are bit reluctant to accomplish their dream, worried about the cost of installation of golf grass. If you are wondering how much it will cost, we will give you all the things that you should consider while preparing a budget and giving you an estimate of the cost involved in transforming your garden into a mini-golf paradise.

Installing Golf Green Grass

Factors to Consider While Installing Golf Green Grass

1. Purpose of your golf turf

The purpose of installing the golf greens will determine the size of the course. Depending on how you want the mini-golf course, you will decide on the size and type of golf turf needed. This will form the most crucial part of budgeting as this will decide the major cost of materials involved and they are always the bigger figure when compared to other expenses.

2. Options For Golf Green

There are different colours and textures available while installing artificial golf grass green. Artificial golf grass blends beautifully with your existing landscape design and provides you with a dreamy backyard that can be multi-functional.

3. Additional Customization

When clients look into our portfolio, they find interesting ideas and inspirations to make your backyard golf green installation unparalleled from any other backyard landscaping. In our portfolio. Our golf turfs adorn many elements like:

a. Fringe
b. Flagsticks
c. Bunkers


Also known as the ‘collar’ or ‘apron’, Fringe is not a part of the putting green. Fringe refers to a longer cut of grass that allows the most proficient golfers to increase the level of difficulty. Normally, the golfers prefer a fourth or third cut of fringe. These golf turfs will cost you extra.


Having many holes in the artificial turf does not matter but getting flagsticks for all, will cost you extra. These custom flagsticks are inexpensive and give you a professional touch to your golf green.


Set your hands on the Bunker Shots, by installing artificial bunkers in your backyard. These bunkers are available in grass and sand and are created to increase the level of difficulty of your backyard golf-course.

4. Preparation Towards Installing Golf Green Grass

The installation team will review your backyard and then make your backyard surface ready for golf green installation. For preparing your backyard, the artificial golf grass installation team will perform the following tasks:

a. Levelling the ground
b. Compacting the backyard surface
c. Constructing bunkers
d. Placing holes
e. Install other special features

The cost of this preparation will affect the cost of your budgeting towards backyard golf turn installations.

Looking For Inexpensive Golf Grass Installation?

If you install a golf grass landscape, then be left assured that you have made a successful investment in having a great game and time with your family and friends. Initially, you might feel a bit scared with the cost of installation but with artificial turf, you are saving when you think about long-term by cutting down on landscaping costs, course fee, watering and maintenance.

The quality of your golf grass is very important thus we will recommend you to buy online from the most-reputed. Namgrass is a prominent company among artificial synthetic grass manufacturers. We offer aesthetically admirable and cost-effective artificial golf grass and turf. Call us at +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on, in case of any queries or free samples. Contact now!


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