Pricing Considerations While Installing Tennis Turf

Installing a tennis turf seems easy and so people cannot believe the cost associated with installing them. It just looks like small flat surfaced ground but there are more complications involved behind this simple looking ground. These complications are the variables in the pricing factors of the installation of a tennis court.

We, being the most preferred in delivering Tennis grass, can easily state these variable factors that can help you decide the budget better and also understand the process that goes behind a seamless installation or builds.

Installing Tennis Turf

Pricing Factors Of a Tennis Court

1. Strong research and groundwork before installation

Many believe that this is a step that isn’t that crucial and can be avoided but this lays a strong foundation of a durable tennis court. The installer or builder has to prepare a strong foundation for the new surface to sustain for a longer period of time and so before they commence the work, they survey the land that they are going to work with and deliver a fine groundwork, making it ready for the installation. Without this, your tennis court can be uneven, making the court useless.

Groundwork includes the following:

  • Proper drainage system for the court
  • Levelling the surface
  • Preparing a sub-layer to allow proper drainage

2. Logistic Complications

Most of the courts are installed for gardens, clubhouses or sports complexes. These sites are generally on the outskirts or not on a very popular spot in the city. This can result in a greater cost of transportation that will go towards moving the large materials and resources. This will lead to an increase in construction cost and time. There is no way that you can save on this particular cost if your property is located in the exteriors.

3. Choosing and Installing a Suitable Surface

After finishing the groundwork and thinking about the logistics, it is time to select a suitable surface that you would want your tennis court to have. There are three options to choose from for a tennis court installation:

  • Cement
  • Grass
  • Clay

With new advancements in Tennis Turf, the tennis court owners or managers are preferring it more than any other surface. It gives a professional playing surface that does not induce any stress in the health of the players.

To know why Tennis Grass has such a favourable image, read more on ‘Why Should You Choose Artificial Grass For A Tennis Court?’ and know all about the benefits and why people prefer it more!

4. Additional equipment

For a professional experience, people also install many extra elements that can help you have a more professional appeal of the tennis court. These options include:

  • Nets
  • Posts to mount the net
  • Fences
  • Floodlights
  • Proper Seating
  • Water Fountains

These features can enhance the playing experience completely and so depending upon your budget you can choose a few of these elements.

Choose the Best Professional Playing Surface with Tennis Turfs

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