Maintenance of Artificial Cricket Turf

Today, artificial cricket turfs are used more than the natural grass grounds. They look fresh for a longer period of time that too with little hassle of maintenance.

Artificial cricket turfs require low maintenance as compared to natural grounds. Moreover, the seasonal-care also reduces as these turfs aren’t much affected by the weather conditions. However, the other fact is, they do need regular attention that would definitely enhance the longevity of the turfs.

Maintenance of Artificial Cricket Turf

Let us see what kind of maintenance is required for artificial cricket turf!

As compared to natural grass grounds, artificial cricket turfs require less maintenance. They are cost and time-effective.

1. Clean The Ground Regularly

The first and most important step in the maintenance of artificial cricket turfs is the cleaning process. Keep the surface clean and free from any kind of contaminants that can be in the form of grass, soil, algae, leaves, waste bottles, dirt, chewing gums, etc. These pollutants should not be left on the surface for a long time as they can damage the base. They have the capacity to rot down quickly increasing algae and moss growth. This also makes the surface area slippery that can be dangerous for the players.

The surface or the carpet area should also be free of any debris to avoid trip hazards.

The cleaning process of artificial cricket turfs can be divided into four parts – clean, rinse, brush, and repeat.

  • The first step is remove the organic matters from the surface with the help of a powered blower
  • Further, spray clean water with the help of a powered water jet. This removes spills, dust particles, pollens, blood-stains, chewing gums, dirt, etc. However, be careful during this process as water can flow the contaminants and deposit them into the construction materials. And it can damage the drainage systems.
  • Brushing can remove the soil and mud from the turfs. Cross-brushing is also a part of the process as it keeps the artificial grass strong and fresh for a longer period of time
  • Repeat these steps on a regular basis

2. Be Prepared To Handle The Growth Of Weeds On Artificial Turfs

Unlike natural grass grounds, artificial cricket turfs have lesser growth possibilities of unwanted weeds or plants. But there’s no harm in being prepared to handle such situations. Weed growth can be treated with certain water-chemical solutions. And using them regularly can avert further growth of weeds. Accumulation of debris or other contaminants on the surface also leads to the growth of weeds. Therefore, it is important to keep the ground clean.

3. Take Care of The Wear and Tear

Similar to the natural grass grounds, artificial cricket turfs are also vulnerable to wear and tear, though the intensity may be less. Carpet or the surface area of the turf usually starts to show signs of wear and tear, whereas, the base has a longer lifespan. Both come with warranties and recommended maintenance instructions for better longevity.

To avoid wear and tear for a sustainable period, it is very important to clean the turf after every match. This task has to be considered as separate besides the usual cleaning process. After a match, rinse the area as soon as possible as it may have attained mild or stubborn stains of drinks, blood, or dirt.

4. Snow Removal

Many places experience medium to heavy snowfall. To remove snow or ice from the grounds, one of the best options is to just let it be. The snow would melt and drain away automatically. You can also brush it off or use a snow-blower if the ground is required urgently.

5. Keep A Regular Check

Artificial cricket turfs require less care and attention but do keep a check on them. This helps you avoid unexpected and unwanted problems related to the ground. For example:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Follow instructions recommended by the manufacturers or installers
  • Clean the turf periodically
  • Avoid wearing footwear that can damage the surface of the turf
  • While washing take care that the debris doesn’t accumulate with the water underneath the surface as this might damage the base of the turf.

It is essential to take care of artificial cricket turfs. A negligent-behaviour can crop up severe damages. However, you need not worry as maintaining an artificial turf is an easy and simple task.

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