Maintaining a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Upkeep of a tennis court is quite similar to taking care of your vehicle. If left unsupervised, the court’s life expectancy gets reduced, just like your vehicle. The surface or the mat of the tennis court gets easily damaged when maintenance is delayed. To have less upkeep, you could install synthetic tennis grass.

Synthetic tennis grass is easy to install and less costly. Below, we have mentioned all the questions you might have regarding maintaining the synthetic tennis grass.

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But first, let’s understand the factors that can affect the life expectancy of a Synthetic Grass Court

With appropriate maintenance, an artificial tennis grass should last for 15 to 20 years, as opposed to a replacement in just 8 years if not maintained properly. Other than irregular maintenance, there are many reasons that can adverse the condition of your artificial turf, which are as follows:

  • The quality of the installation works and base work
  • Improper draining in and around the court
  • Growing tree roots present under the surface of a tennis court
  • Wrong servicing techniques

So, what is the Systematic Approach of Maintaining the Synthetic Tennis Court?

Every professional lawn maintenance company follows a process to keep your tennis court clean. Below, we have mentioned the maintenance process to let you be on the same page as we are.

  • We start with the top third part of the artificial tennis grass
  • Remove the visible mould or algae forming on the mat
  • Decompaction of mat
  • Remove potential dangerous slip hazards
  • Rebalancing the sand for even playing surface
  • Remove other particles that can induce the occurrence of algae or mould
  • Repairing joints and tears on the mat

What can you do from your end?

There are many things that a tennis court owner can do, in between the regular maintenance and services. To help these owners, we have mentioned a list of things that they can take care of from their end.

  • Try keeping the debris and leaves off the court as they can induce unnecessary mould growth, staining and slippery surface.
  • Sweep the filaments and debris off.
  • You can also use a leaf blower to blow away the contaminants and debris.

Always remember, your tennis court can remain in its best condition with the help of regular care and maintenance.

What should you not do to your court?

Your tennis court is not like your ordinary compound at your home. Thus, you cannot apply the same techniques to clean it as you usually do with your compound. Due to this reason, you absolutely have to say a big ‘NO’ to pressure washing the tennis court! Pressure washing your tennis court can result in the following:

  • Damage the fibres
  • Corrupt the adhesive of the mat that keeps the grass in its place
  • Break the joints of the mat, making the surface open
  • Blow away the expensive sand
  • Water blasting can also cause such severe damage

Is there an easy way out?

Yes, definitely there is one. You just need to call Namgrass and let them take over your project. We have helped many clients across the world to have superior tennis court installations, while also providing them with proper care and maintenance. Call us at +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on to know more about our tennis grass options. Get in touch today!



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