Is Cricket the Only Reason for Your Living? Check This Post Out!

Are you one of those who enjoy watching cricket and football, whenever and wherever they get time? If so, then I am pretty sure you must be knowing the rules and regulations of the game. But have you any idea regarding the cricket pitches? After all, a perfect looking pitch plays very important role for the players. Synthetic grass is quite popular these days, in fact, it is used in several games such as football, soccer, tennis, golf and so on.

Here in this post, we will understand numerous types of cricket pitches and its importance. What is a cricket pitch? The pitch is termed as the rectangular shaped strip of land where batsman bat and bowlers bowl. However, there are basically three main types of pitches used in cricket :- Dead pitches, dusty pitches, green pitches.

  • Dead pitches- Presently the modern-day wickets are set on such type of pitches especially T20 and ODI matches. Unlike cricket grass, these pitches tend to be batsman-friendly. Basically, these pitches are extremely hard in nature and dark brown or blackish brown in terms of looks. High-tech rollers are used for taking out water from these dead pitches.
  • Dusty pitches- Dusty pitches are most probably found in subcontinents which do not tend to be extremely hard as the dead pitches. This pitch type aims to provide a great amount of assistance to the spin bowlers while for batsman it really gets difficult to score.
  • Green pitches- Numerous batsmen are trained on cricket grass or green pitches while fast bowlers enjoy bowling on such wickets. As the name implies, these pitch possesses a layer of green grass around with an appropriate length area.

Namgrass is a reputable company that provides an exceptional range of cricket grass and football grass for you. The best thing about using our products is that unlike those mats, they can act as all weather alternative.  Whether it’s heavy rain or hot summers, nothing can damage our products.

Another benefit of using our cricket grass pitches is, it offers a safe surface for the players. The pitches being manufactured from the finest quality of materials offers flat, secure and is completely durable. Here batsman will able to maintain a proper balance and footing while batting and bowlers will be stable enough to play on.

So this is it for now! To know more about Synthetic turf’s or our cricket grass, keep viewing the space.


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