How to Maintain Artificial Cricket Turf?

A surface which is made of synthetic fibers is known as artificial turf. To prepare it, a blend of two groups of polymers is used – polyolefin and polyamide. The former includes polyethylene and polypropylene and the latter is nylon. Further, chemicals are used to modify them resulting in various characteristics such as longevity, resistance to weathering and friction, etc. These turfs are artificial but made to look like natural grass.

TToday, most of the cricket grounds use artificial turfs. They are easy to maintain as compared to the natural grass grounds. Moreover, there are various benefits of using artificial cricket turfs. Due to evenness of the surface, the ball bounces well and also moves faster. It travels in a straight line without getting averted. Moreover, these turfs can be used all day long and in every season for a long time. They do not require a lot of season-based maintenance which is the usual problem with natural grass cricket grounds.

Artificial turf has the potential to remain robust and durable in spite of its low maintenance requirements. However, you do need to take care of them. And the maintenance process comprises of certain tasks which need to be carried out in order to enhance the lifespan and performance of the turf.

Regular inspections and maintaining the standards as per the cricket board association’s requirements would be in the task-list. The latter includes certain specifications provided by cricket boards which need to be followed in order to maintain the turf’s performance and length of its lifespan.

Artificial Cricket Turf


Essentially, there are four key steps to be followed regularly when it comes to maintaining artificial cricket turfs – clean, rinse, brush, repeat.

The Process

  • The first step of the cleaning process is the use of powered-blower. It is used to remove all kind of organic materials.
  • For further cleaning, a powered water jet can be used. Clean water removes pollens, dust particles, spills, chewing gums, blood, etc. However, you need to be very careful as the water along with the contaminants can damage the drainage system.
  • Soil and mud can be removed with the help of a bristle brush.
  • Cross-brushing helps the grass stay strong and fresh for long.

Any kind of contaminants on the artificial cricket pitch can increase the growth of algae and moss. This would create slipperiness on the surface. Moreover, dirt can also cause health issues.

Weeds On The Grass

Usually, artificial cricket turfs do not face the risk of unwanted weeds or plants. However, it is always good to be prepared for the worst.

Certain chemical-water solutions can be used periodically to prevent weeds from growing. Brushing the grass regularly also impedes their growth. Moreover, it is important to remove debris and other organic matters as soon as possible. This reduces the damage of the drainage system and averts weed growth.

Wear And Tear

An artificial cricket turf is susceptible to wear and tear.

For mild stains of drinks or maybe blood, you would need to rinse the area as soon as possible. A mixture of water and mild detergent could work in this case but for stubborn stains, you might need ammonia or some other chemicals mixtures. Apart from the regular cleaning process specified as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, it is recommended to clean the turf after every match.

Snow & Ice Removal

For areas which experience snowfall, the best option to remove snow is to let it melt and drain away naturally. The other way is to simply brush it off. You can also use a snow-blower.

Maintenance of artificial cricket turfs is an important factor. Neglecting it can cause serious concerns. The sports industry cognizes these points very well.

For a few decades now, artificial cricket turfs have become very popular and preferred grounds. With a little care and maintenance, they can have a good lifespan looking fresh and green.

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