Suitable Artificial Turfs

A Guide Towards Selecting Suitable Artificial Turfs

We, being in India, enjoy a hot climate for most of the year. Thus, most of the time, we have an ideal weather to cherish summer outdoor activities and events. To make your home or backyard prepared for it, adding an artificial turf becomes quintessential.

No matter what age group or gender, artificial grass is a fit for all. But one type of artificial turf cannot suffice the purpose of all and so, you need to meticulously select the type of Artifical Turf you wish to install, by having a clear use of it in mind.

Some people get stressed and overwhelmed by the whole idea of going through a screening process of finding an ideal artificial turf. No need to worry, Namgrass has sorted the artificial turfs out, according to their application for your easy selection!

1. Artificial Turf for Your Garden Area

Artificial Turf for Your Garden Area

Furbish your backyard with an artificial turf than a natural one. Artificial turfs are easy to maintain and also easy to install, making your garden look picture perfect, throughout the year. It does not need mowing or watering and is absolutely mud-free. It looks so natural, that you will not be able to differentiate between an organic and an artificial turf, after the application.

Namgrass’ Green Vision or Green Meadow fill be fit for a garden application. On-lookers or guests will never be able to tell the difference while praising your garden on their every visit.

2. Artificial Turf for Babies and Children

‘Artificial’ Turf is actually good for children and babies. If you run a school or nursery, you can have faith in these turfs to keep the babies and children away from the bruises. Children and babies love wandering and crawling around in the garden. Make this wandering, a safe experience every time.

You can pick between Namgrass’ Green Enigma and Green Touch. Both of these artificial turfs will not go patchy or bald and are also dense and soft on the skin. Due to this, the ground will not feel hard for the little feet.

3. Grass for Pet Lovers

Grass for Pet Lovers

This might come as a shock for the people who believe that an artificial turf can easily be damaged by Pets. In fact, artificial turf is great for your furry friends. Your dog will love the feel of a grass without you worrying about his furry coat or paws getting dirty with mud.

You can choose almost any of Namgrass’ Artificial Turf for your pet. Each of them will do the job just fine.

4. Grass For The Sporty in You

There are people who love sports and wish to convert a room or their lawn into a lawn tennis court or mini-golf course but are scared with the question of maintenance and care of the natural grass. They can easily enjoy a sporty afternoon by installing artificial turf or golf grass, instead.

Namgrass’ Green Basic is ideal for such people. It is a very short grass, with about 10mm pile height. Due to which, it firms the surface to let the ball bounce or roll over. You can use it to play cricket, golf, football, lawn tennis and more!

Feel Like You Have Found Your Ideal Match?

Namgrass’ Artificial Turf is sturdy with almost no maintenance. If you have picked the kind of surface and artificial turf you are willing to install, do not hesitate to give Namgrass a call.

Browse through our website to more about various types of grass. Be our customer, get a free quote today and take home samples of the grass.


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