Futsal Grass : The Shortened Version of Game Football

artificial lawnIndia is a country where you will find it very difficult to find a public sports park having a proper infrastructure. In metropolitan, there are corporates and professionals, who would like to keep themselves fit, by getting involved in sports. They would like to have infrastructure where in they can play their heart out for an hour, without getting injured. Also with fewer people, Artificial lawn is the best sports, played in smaller area of 6000 sq ft ( 1/10th of the normal football ground).

Futsal Grass is a smaller form of football recognized by FIFA, UEFA and FAW. Because of the smaller dimension it can be played with lesser people and it is much faster game compared to conventional football, with lesser running around. Many international players have mastered the art of full football game through Futsal. Futsal is very fast paced game, which develops faster instincts, and hence shifting to football becomes much easier.

In metro-centres like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore a lot of such facilities are created by renting out a space on a Mall, In a mall, on the terrace or a barren land. Also, being a very fast game requires surface to be maintenance free. Artificial Futsal grass is the solution to it. It can be laid in a matter of 1 day. Artificial Futsal grass has got complete cushioning to avoid fall injuries. The fibers are soft enough to avoid burn marks by sliding. So the next time when you are playing on Futsal Grass by Namgrass, you can jump around, slide and even go for a Scorpion Kick with out worrying about getting injured.


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