Fun Ways To Use Artificial Grass!

Many people have moved on from the natural lawn to the artificial grass. Not only does it look beautiful, it saves your time and energy that goes towards maintaining the natural lawn. And why shouldn’t someone install artificial grass? Not only does Namgrass’ artificial turf grass look exactly like the real grass but is an incredible solution towards having a beautiful garden, all year long.

But today, we want you to see our artificial grass beyond gardens and into your home. We bring you exciting and creative applications of our artificial grass.

1. The green library

Installing Artificial Grass

Give something back to the trees for the papers you have taken. Turn your library green! Feel like you are reading in nature’s lap by installing artificial grass in your library room. You can use it to cover a complete wall or use it as a floor rug, it will surely relax and ease your mind.

2. Grass partition

Grass Partition

Break away from the old, boring style of using bricks and concrete. Try a new sort of partition by covering the concrete with artificial turf grass. Not only is it contemporary, it also adds a bit of color to your partitions.

3. A sporty look to your game room

A sporty look to your game room

Once confined to only the sporting arenas, artificial grass can successfully change an ordinary game room into a sporting room. Install the artificial turf grass to enjoy your own little mini golf at home.

4. Turn Small balconies into a heavenly space

Turn small balconies into a heavenly space

If you are living in a city or a condo, you realize the importance of space. Many among these people desire to have their own little garden in their own cute space. For them, we have an easy solution, artificial grass installation! This will make your balcony a perfect hideaway. You can add a comfortable chair and a few plants, and you are good to go. Enjoy your heavenly space in your cute adobe.

5. Children’s play area

Children’s Play area

You no longer have to wait for summers to enjoy a great day in your backyard. You can have summer whenever you want by indoor artificial grass installation. People living in colder regions yearn for a green grass and they don’t have to now. Simply turn your home’s basement in a play area. It will be great for your kids and pets as well. No matter which season, the kids will always have an area to play in.

6. A bar top

A bar top

This may be unusual for many but you can actually install artificial grass on the bar top. Not only will it make the top match your ideal sports bar look but will also keep your counter clean. Check out our inspiration behind a bar top!

7. Makes concrete, green

Makes concrete, green

While installing a pool, people like to have a concrete path because they do not wish to mess their feet. But an all concrete path is very boring. Instead, experiment something with Namgrass’ artificial grass. Combine our artificial turf grass with your concrete path and create exclusively designed pavements that look aesthetically gorgeous. It will look so amazing that even your neighbors won’t stop envying you.

8. A beautiful Verandah

A beautiful Verandah

Verandah is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. The space is super cute and thus an artificial lawn will keep your hearts warm in chilly winter. Look for the image for the ultimate inspiration.

Do not be scared to bring your yard inside your home. You are just bringing nature home. At Namgrass, we have a variety of artificial grass to choose from that can help you to achieve all these aesthetics for your home. Not only is our artificial grass sturdy but is mud resistant. Making it an easy choice for fuss-free utility.

Want to know more about our artificial grass? Contact now and browse through Namgrass’ wide range of products that you yourself can apply on your own.


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