Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Golf Green Turfs

Installing artificial golf green turfs is a great investment. It is hard to maintain real grass – in terms of both time and money. But now, you do not need to waste time in mowing, watering, or maintaining your lawn.Enjoy an extremely elegant and evergreen lawn for golf practice, which do not look artificial, throughout the year.

Artificial Golf grass Turf, Lawn Grass India

Artificial golf greens are made from fine synthetics which enhance the turf quality. Moreover, experts who install the lawns have special techniques and customizable sizes for different areas. The first artificial turf was installed in a school in Rhode Island but came to public notice in 1966 when it was installed in Texas at the NRG Astrodome stadium.

Plastic pellets are combined with green pellets and the strands get solidified with water. Later, the strands are stretched with the help of rollers making them as thin as real grass. Spools are used to hold the artificial grass strands. Multi-color synthetic yarns are formed when these strands (of different colors) are woven together. Further, the synthetic yarn travels through a tufting machine where the turf get sewed.

Let’s check everything you need to know about Artificial Golf Green Turfs.

Now, artificial green scan be installed where natural grass cannot grow. And the type of the product which needs to be installed would actually depend on the purpose of the green turfs. Some of the common areas include rooftops, sports grounds, backyards, walkways, balconies, etc.

Moreover, think how to use the lawn with artificial greens. This will also help the hired experts to plan and design the lawn which suits best to your requirements.

1. Face Weight

Face weight is the weight of the fiber (the amount of the material used) excluding the backing. 40 to 60 ounces is the usual face weight for a normal artificial green.

The value of a product can be determined by this weight. The cost of the product increases with the face weight.

2. Drainage System

Water needs to be drained through the backing of the turf – which all greens allow. Hence, it should have holes that measure around ½ cm. These help drain the water at a rate of approximately 30 inches per hour (this is per square yard). A good and easy drainage system keeps the turf clean preventing bacteria and other unwanted growths within the grass.

3. Different Shapes

Turfs can be of different colors and shapes – depending on the height of the blade.

  • Vista Fiber Shape – It is a ‘V’ shaped design of the blade. These turfs are stronger and more durable.
  • Oval Fiber Shape –It is a common shape used in landscapes. These turfs are soft and durable.
  • Diamond Fiber Shape –It is an ideal choice for residential and commercial areas. It gives a more sturdy look.

There are many more designs you can choose from based on your requirements.

4. Stimp Reading

A stimp reading is used to understand the speed of the ball with which it rolls on the green turf – higher stimp would mean faster rolling of the ball. You can change the speed while installing. Stimp reading varies with different installations.

5. Pile Height

It is the thickness of the turf – an important quality which should be considered while selecting the greens for your use. Usual thickness should range between ½ inch to ¾ inches – lower the pile height, the better it is to ensure smooth rolling of the ball.

6. Type of Green Depends on the Location

The artificial turf should be suitable for the weather conditions and environment where it is used. If using it indoor, nylon fibers can be opted.

7. Level it out

The land where artificial turf is to be installed, has to be flat. Uneven land may fabricatebumps forcing the artificial greens to come off.Experts will check for areas with uneven land and will make sure to level it before installation.

Benefits of Putting Green Turf

The garden hose might be used sporadically, but otherwise, significant benefit of artificial turfs is that you do not need a lot of watering. Water bills can come down drastically.

The maintenance cost also reduces with artificial greens. Moreover, pests and other bugs aren’t a botheration as the turf is made of recycled plastic. Also, the absence of soil keeps away weed and other unnecessary growths. However, you have to be careful while installing the grass. Make sure you remove every weed from the selected area, if any.

Now, your green will remain green – just the way you see it for the first time. Isn’t this amazing!

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