Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Cricket Turfs

Before you make a decision of installing artificial cricket turf, we feel that you need to know about it in depth as this will make your decision of getting one stronger. With this blog, we are sure that you will make up your mind on having artificial cricket turf when compared to other surfaces.

artificial cricket turfs

Read on to know why you need to choose the artificial surface and the required maintenance for the same.

Reasons You Should Choose Artificial Cricket Turf

  • Low maintenance surface.
  • No need for full-time ground staff to take care of it.
  • Offer a more balanced and consistent play, no matter what the weather.
  • All players are happy with a better bat to ball play.
  • These pitches can serve as a ‘starter pitch’ for young players who are still learning. You can learn how to control the ball and its pace, thus developing better bowlers.
  • It is highly durable and cost-effective.
  • A great playing surface for junior matches.
  • It is better suited for a place that does not have a large facility.
  • They can promote cricketing as they are cheaper and easier to install than the natural grass.
  • You can create a net practising area to learn in a more professional way about the play.
  • Artificial cricket turfs have better longevity without any maintenance. This will help the cricket clubs save a substantial amount of money which they can use on getting better coaches for their students.
  • The turf can also offer great outdoor pre-season practice for the professionals when the natural wickets won’t work.
  • Natural grass allows a limited amount of wear and tear thus incur more cost in maintenance which plays to the advantage of artificial grass turfs.

What sort of maintenance will it require?

The artificial cricket turf will require, comparatively less work on maintenance. This will enable the cricket clubs or schools to have cost and time effective space.

Elements that you can install along with the turf:

  • Wickets
  • Pitches
  • Nets and more elements

With other surfaces, the maintenance will be long and labour intensive. If you are willing to have professional experience on a budget, opt for the artificial turfs. When we say a little maintenance, we do not mean any maintenance at all. The playing surface is highly durable and professional performance-friendly if you perform regular checks and maintenance measures on it.

Tips for Maintaining the Artificial Cricket Turfs

  • Clean the surface from debris
  • Check regularly for any nip in the seam or problems in the bud
  • Wearing suitable footwear on the artificial grass
  • After a few years, you will need repairs and carpet re-tensioning
  • Sweep the surface regularly

The maintenance tactics are easier when compared to those of the other surfaces. This makes the artificial cricket turf a good surface to promote professional playing with ease and on budget. The biggest advantage that we promote to schools is that the surface is highly user-friendly as it does not induce any stress or harm the body in any way, making it ideal for children as well. To know more place-specific advantages for your school or facility, get in touch with Namgrass. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable kind of artificial turf for you, according to your needs. Call us at +91 9924407773 to know more about our products and services!


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