Common Mistakes While Installing Artificial Turfs

When people opt for a DIY artificial turf installation at their home, they run into some common mistakes that people are bound to make. Read below to avoid these mistakes and have a seamless artificial turf application.

lay artificial turf

When it comes to the artificial turf lawns, people are always conscious of their lawn looking unreal to their guests. We at Namgrass can assure you that our law artificial turf will not look fake if you apply it correctly and carefully. Avoid the following mentioned mistakes:

1. No proper drainage to your artificial turf

The most important aspect to care for while installing an artificial turf is having a proper drainage system. The pool of water accumulated due to the lack of an appropriate drainage system can cause many problems like mildews, moulds and unwanted weed growth. This can make your artificial lawn look scruffy.

2. Installation on an uneven surface

People need to ensure that the surface is all even before they begin with their artificial turf installation process. Being among the most trusted installer of artificial lawn grass in India, you need to trust us, Namgrass, when we say that even the smallest of a bump can be easily visible on your turf. Clear your ground, making your surface completely even and ready for installation.

3. The growth of unwanted plants and weeds

Laying the artificial turf straight on to the fertile soil can cause weeds and other plants to grow in between the turf and soil. These can make your lawn bumpy. Install a weed barrier to avoid this.

4. Not properly securing the edges of your new artificial turf

Many people tend to leave the edges and joins of their artificial turf open. These open edges can curl up and start to fray. This is a huge issue as this can cause damage through perforation and dirt to your artificial lawn and also cause people to trip, fall and injure themselves. To avoid this mistake, try using a quality artificial grass adhesive to secure your lawn edges.

5. Not keeping the spare turf

Homeowners throw away the spare turf after the completion of their artificial turf installation. People should avoid this as you never know when your lawn can need small repairs. This spare turf can help you conceal the small problems easily without you going to buy a new artificial turf altogether. This will help you save money and time.

6. Not closing the reflective surfaces near your lawn

Reflection is the enemy of your artificial turf. Reflective surfaces that bounce of light on to the turf can cause the lawn to burn. Try closing these surfaces or create shade around these surfaces so that the reflective light does not reach the artificial turf.

Other Than These, Get Quality Artificial Turf!

Get your artificial turf from Namgrass. Namgrass is the supplier of high-condition Artificial Lawn Grass in India. The following are the benefits of Namgrass’ Artificial Turfs:

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely durable towards heavy usage and heat
  • No need to use chemicals or pesticides

Our artificial grass is capable of offering a beautiful and long-lasting landscaping solution giving us a great reputation in the artificial turf industry. Compared to the natural grass at your home, our products are the ideal option for both commercial and residential purpose. Call us on +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on to place free sample request. Contact us now!


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