Choosing the Right Colour for Your Artificial Grass

While picking the best artificial grass, factors like money, product quality and blade length are considered high priority. One of the crucial element that is often overlooked is the colour of the artificial lawn.

Living Colours

Colours can do wonders to the mind.  Certain hues, when used in the right space, can help create illusions, increase the appeal of the space and even be therapeutic to the onlooker. Therefore deciding on the shade for your artificial lawn is critical. Most often people disregard the importance of colours and pick the ones that are attractive to them. One of the rookie mistakes that is regularly committed is choosing a colour that is loud and that clashes with other shades of the surrounding. So we bring to you a short guide on how to pick the right colour for your artificial grass:

Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right Colour for Your Artificial Grass

1. Understand Your Space

Understanding the surrounding can help you make a better choice while selecting the right shade. Green is a popular pick for outdoors. This shade, when used outdoors, appears like a real lawn but needs less maintenance than the real one. Different manufacturers provide different shades of green to suit your space. An artificial lawn that shows different gradients of green is the best to pick if you want to make your grass look realistic. On the other hand, most schools and sports arenas pick red for their play areas.  For indoor artificial lawns, it is best to search for a manufacturer who provides a wide colour palette to choose from.

2. Pick the Right Colour

Some of the general and commonly chosen colours are green and red. However, it is not unusual to use black or grey. These shades look best when used against wooden countertops or patios.  Blue, white and red is a popular choice for fields. White lawns give an illusion of a bigger space and make the space brighter. If your indoors are painted dark, a white lawn will give your space a classy look.

3. Choose Living Colours

Living Colours is a collection of popular colours for artificial lawns designed with the purpose of making them versatile. They are manufactured to suit commercial, residential and sports arenas.

Some of the popular living colours are brown, white, grey, black, red and green. Combinations of these hues are often used to create patterns and designs. If you are using a combination of hues, be sure to pick not more than three shades for your lawn.

Pick the Best Living Colours for Your Artificial Lawn

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