Why Should You Choose Artificial Grass For A Tennis Court?

When people try to take a decision about getting a tennis court, they plan to look at primitive ways of building one. What if we tell you that there are plenty of synthetic tennis playing surfaces available in the Indian Market that are better than a concrete or real grass court. These surfaces are great for the players who do not like the grass stains on their tidy tennis whites or hate slippery surfaces and wish to avoid to take rain checks on matches.

Artificial Tennis Grass

Here, we have outlined a variety of Tennis playing surfaces that you need to consider.

Variety Of Tennis Playing Surfaces

1. Artificial Tennis Turf

The Artificial Tennis Turf serves the same purpose as a grass without its shortcomings. Artificial Tennis Grass is weather resistant and lets the player enjoy the real game without any fuss caused by the rain. Also, the artificial tennis turf is easy to maintain and costs almost nothing towards its care.

2. Artificial Clay

You can associate Artificial Clay to the French Open. Known to provide slow to medium pace playing fields, there are many countries that frown upon Artificial Clay as a playing surface for Tennis. It is great for someone who enjoys a slower paced games.


If you are looking for a playing surface that can be multi-purpose, then consider installing Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). Muga helps to maximize the playing hours by utilizing the space for various sports. This is great for schools who wish to utilize their playgrounds to the maximum, but not really for someone looking for a professional tennis court.

India has produced some quality tennis stars like Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi and has influenced many people to pick up the tennis racket. But with many people turning to tennis, it has become important for sports complexes to provide professional playing surfaces. One way to have this is to consider artificial tennis grass installation.

Why Should You Install Artificial Tennis Turf?

1. Far Less Slippery In Wet Weathers

Artificial Tennis Turfs are comparatively less slippery and dry up pretty soon. This enables the professional players to have more time to play and practice. Also, the Namgrass’ tennis grass is made to shine when in contact with water or under floodlights, letting your court look spectacular.

2. Even Playing Conditions

Natural grass has the tendency to become uneven over time, creating a bad surface to play tennis on and can result in an injury or played on it. To overcome this, try installing Artificial Tennis Grass. It has a resilient composition which provides a smooth and consistent play area for its lifetime.

3. Meeting All The Standards, Retaining More Players

Artificial Tennis Turfs from companies like Namgrass is made to provide a playing surface that meets the international standards mentioned by the International Tennis Federations. There are not many clubs or complexes that provide such a playing surface thus will enable you to retain more players and members.

4. Only Requires General Maintenance

With Namgrass’s Artificial Turf, we can assure you that:

  • Coloured lines will not fade
  • Sunlight and vigorous play will not temper the surface
  • You will always enjoy a smooth playing surface

Also, it only requires general maintenance that is quick and easy as it mostly brushing is required to clean the surface.

Get Namgrass’ Tennis Turf!

Unlike traditional grass, our artificial tennis grass offers superior quality. We are one of the prominent artificial turf suppliers as we always give importance to comfort, beauty and aesthetics. Call us at +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on shah@namgrass.com to inquire more. Also, do not forget to ask for our free samples!


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