Why Choose Artificial Cricket Turf

According to many cricket boards and associations, an artificial cricket turf can host more matches than a primitive cricket pitch with the same efficiency and result. If perfectly designed and managed, artificial cricket pitches can provide the same environment as a regular cricket pitch but without the hassles and disadvantages.

But before you make up your mind and start calling the artificial cricket turf suppliers and installers to book the services, know the pre-requisites of an artificial cricket pitch that can help you have the same playing effect as the natural pitch.

Artificial Cricket Turf

According to the cricketing boards, the artificial cricket turf should meet the following requirements.

  1. Accurate ball rebound and surface hardness
  2. Player to surface interaction, keeping in mind the bowlers’ needs for bowling run-up
  3. Match your pitch with proper gradients, dimensions, and tolerances
  4. Your artificial cricket turf should be durable and match appropriate standards for having a rough game

Why People Are Walking Away From Natural Cricket Pitch?

People are tired of the time and energy that goes behind maintaining the natural cricket pitch. To efficiently maintain a natural cricket ground, you require:

  1. A great deal of labour
  2. Significant training and knowledge

The Process Of Maintaining

The groundsmen follow a systematic system of maintenance with the following steps.

  1. Fertilise the grass
  2. Cut the turf
  3. Roll the grass

Unfortunately, this process only works on short grasses, which wear out really quickly, letting people see bald patches on the ground, if not given the pitch, a good time to cure and grow. Wearing of the cricket pitch decreases the quality of gameplay, affecting the overall texture or performance of the ground.

Natural cricket pitch requires days to replenish and thus the organizers have to change the venue of the match after the ground has run its course. So to avoid all these hassles and problems in maintenance, cricket club owners and schools have started installing artificial cricket turfs along with practice nets and kits. This will help the players to master their skills while practising and step on the future grounds of cricket with artificial cricket turf!

Benefits of Artificial Cricket Turf

1. Less work and more play

With not much to maintain, you will have more hours to play than working and waiting for the natural pitch to be ready.

2. Weatherproof

Artificial cricket turfs are weatherproof. Thus, no weather can stop you from playing a game. Being weatherproof allows the players to have a non-slippery surface to bowl and bat.

3. Highly safe for the players’

Artificial cricket turfs offer a softer surface that keeps the players away from possible injuries and physical problems.

4. Less Maintenance

Artificial cricket pitches require a little to no maintenance, thus cutting down your costs on bills and maintenance.

Get Artificial Cricket Pitch Installed Today!

Our artificial turf is different because of these few specifications, that can help you save time, money and energy.

  • No need of any chemicals and pesticides
  • Fresh and grassy
  • Beautiful and soft
  • Strong against heavy use and heat

This is will help you have long-lasting solution towards hosting a perfect cricket match with artificial cricket turf. Call Namgrass on +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on shah@namgrass.com to inquire more about our natual looking artificial grass.


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