Can The Driveways Be as Beautiful Again?

In the early days, during the invent of cars, the drive ways looked extremely beautiful, with long stripes of grass running between 2 tyres. With the invent of Pavement and asphalt road gone are the days.

Also with time the maintenance of grass becaming difficult and it was merely reduced to a patch.

But with the invent of artificial grass, the nostalgic days are back again. The combination of mud roads/ pavement with a strip of Artificial grass running along just transports you to the good old days of early 19th century.

Day by day, increasing number of architects and end-user have shown their linking towards such combination, as the artificial grass with oil spilling on it will not be effected and the grass survives longer as the tyres move on the pavement with sizable maneuvering capabilities.


traditional-exterior2 mediterranean-exterior


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