Buy Green Painted Rough Carpet, at Least, Give it a Thought!

tennis astroturfsArtificial turf is on a roll, several homeowners are gearing up to replace the real grass with the synthetic ones these days. Not only because these products are more eye-catching but because they are beneficial in several other ways like:-

  • good looks, good looks and good looks
  • Easy in terms of installation, repairs and maintenance
  • No fertilizers and pesticides
  • Works best for high traffic areas like walkways, playgrounds, etc.
  • Stay the same for ages

Thinking of the types, some of the most common types of artificial turf includes Astroturf, superturf, fieldturf. Among all, tennis astroturfs are the oldest and most recognized in the industry. And we make a point in offering a selective scope of Astroturf grasses for you. In fact, you will be quite interested in knowing that It has been quite a long we have been responsible for offering over 50 million m² of artificial grass nationally as well as internationally. And furthermore, we aim to deliver customer-friendly products and services for a lifetime.

Check out some of the common types of synthetic turfs used these days: –
Landscape turf
Landscape turf is a kind of product created by a bristle layer often known as microfiber layer of yarn. In order to get that look of the real grass, these layers are created in order to hold long blades. Thus, ultimately results in creating an image of a healthy looking lawn. Landscape turfs also include specified kind of grasses including antimicrobial agents especially for the use of pets.

Athletic fieldturf
It’s quite strange that many of us fail to spot the difference between the real and artificial grass, especially at homes but in the sports ground or athletic fields these products can be easily identified. Athletic turfs or tennis astroturfs have no microfiber layer and are 2 to 3 inches tall in nature. Besides, It is meant to provide safety as well as ease for the players in terms of movement.

Turfs for indoors and outdoors
We offer uniquely designed and customized synthetic turfs for indoors like balconies and outdoor areas like playgrounds for kids. Furthermore, our products color range from blue to brown, Grey, red, white, black, green bliss, basic green and so forth.

So this is it! I am pretty sure if you spend a good time researching about Namgrass, you will find enough satisfying information about the company and their products.


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