How to Buy Artificial Grass for Football Ground?

Football fever has taken over the world like never before. From kids playing on streets to professionals on the field, football has captured many hearts.  

To make football matches more effective, a well-engineered football turf is absolutely necessary.

Artificial turf is easily maintainable. It also has several other advantages like safety and versatility. It can be used in any weather and has fewer maintenance charges.  It provides good play quality and cost efficiency. If you are confused about how to buy the correct football grass for your court, read on.

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Checklist for Buying Artificial Football Turf

1. Quality

Most often we prioritize the cost of the product. However, with artificial football grass, don’t go by the price, go by touch. A good football turf will have a softer feel.
The fibres used by a good quality football turf will be durable and ensure that they do not cause skin friction or abrasions. Buy turfs made of polyethylene or polypropylene turfs.

2. Infill

The infill system provides safety. It absorbs impact. It is the substance between the blades of the artificial turf. It makes the turf comfortable. Ensures that drainage is maintained and keeps the blades of the turf upright. Silica and rubber are the most commonly used infill.

3. Backing

To provide the dimensional stability for your turf, your turf will need backing. The backing is the final outside layer which keeps the grass blades from being pulled out. They are generally made of a primary and a secondary layer. The first layer or primary layer is generally made of polypropylene. The secondary layer either is made of latex or polyurethane material.

4. Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the fibre. The total height from the backing to the tip of the grass. For a football field, it is advised to have a pile height of about 40 to 50mm.

5. Density

Denser turfs are better for durability. They also are visually appealing. Less dense turfs can also be made durable by using sand infill.

6. Drainage

Ensuring that the grass is fully permeable helps drain any rainwater directly. While installing the football turf, a drainage base layer is also installed.

7. Appearance

According to the Football Association, green football turf is recommended for professional games. A natural appearance turf would have a slight difference in the shades of green in the turf.

8. Maintenance

Artificial turfs usually do not require as much maintenance as natural grass does. However, to increase the durability of artificial turf and to keep it looking new, maintenance is necessary.

Buying the Best Football Turf

Buying the best artificial football grass can get very puzzling without a professional’s insight. We, at Namgrass, can provide expert consultation and assistance in picking the best artificial turf for you. We also have a wide range of artificial turf for football. To learn more about our products, visit our website. For more information regarding football turfs, contact us at +91 9924407773!


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