Best Use of Artificial Grass for Indoor & Outdoor

Best Use of Artificial Grass for Indoor & Outdoor

There is a common perception that artificial grasses are used for sports activities or used for sports grounds only. But the fact is, it can serve multiple purposes right from cricket pitch to artificial lawn and other commercial to residential use. In fact, the use of artificial turf is increasing -thanks to its wonderful features, like good looks, zero cost maintenance, no need for water, etc.

Therefore, we have tried to make things easy for you by bringing top ideas to use artificial grass for indoor and outdoor purposes.

For Indoor Use:

Whether it is an indoor stadium or your own house, artificial grass can be the best use for the sports-like-atmosphere. Most of the indoor sports fields use synthetic grass due to its low maintenance requirement and easy installation features. Besides, if you want to put greens in your house, you can build it yourself. Here’s a list of things you can do with artificial grass to serve indoor purposes.

Makeover Furniture: If you have old furniture including stools or chairs, you can transform them into a completely new look with fake grass. Cover the stools or chairs from material and then fit the grass around them. Furniture covered in the fake grass near the indoor pool or at the bar is very much in trend.

For Flooring: There are so many ways you can use like artificial grass carpet or flooring in play areas and rooms. Synthetic grasses are non-toxic product and they do not contain any harmful substances. Artificial grass manufacturers in India produce fine quality of products made in soft material. They provide a better surface to play on. Many schools today using fake grass to provide a better playground for children.

Keep Surroundings Green: Whether it is mini-golf course or office, designers use artificial grass for small golf grounds and for office lawn. Using the artificial turf can cut down on maintenance needs also enhances the beauty of your golf courses and offices. Apart from that, replacing the fake grass in the areas are very easy. You need to follow the same process that you do to install the traditional carpet in your home.

Cover Transitional Area from Indoors to Outdoors: There may be some areas in your home which bear heavy traffic. For example, main door, gallery, and gates are heavily used area and putting greens in such a place can give home a soft and fresh look. Besides, the fake grasses are highly durable. Apply the same method as you do to the traditional carpet to install.

Indoor Sports Fields: Artificial grass is taking in place of natural grass for every indoor and outdoor sports arenas. In fact, fake grass is really very useful for indoor sports field as the real grass will not grow due to no sunlight in the ground. At the same time, it requires less maintenance.

Apart from all these, the fake grasses are used largely in conventions and events to display ware in their booth by business organisations to attract potential customers and visitors.

For Outdoor Use:

Fake grasses are used for many outdoor purposes too. For example, almost all sports fields, mainly cricket pitches, across the world using artificial grass in grounds. It requires less maintenance as compared to natural grasses. Besides, it gives a real feel on the ground and increases playability. So, take look at what purposes can fake grasses serve outdoor.

Cricket Pitch: Cricket pitch is the most used area and natural grass may not bear the traffic, hence the artificial grass can make the best use of it.

Golf Courses: Maintaining golf courses with natural grass can dry your pocket. Golf courses have many landscapes and each needs a different design. So, natural grass won’t meet your requirement while synthetic grass can, that too without keeping your pocket dry.

Similarly, you can use artificial grasses for football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and other sporting grounds as well.


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