Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass

What can be more pleasing to the senses than the rising sunlight, warm, and green grass! Walking barefoot on grass is called as earthing. Walking on grass, early in the morning is a unique experience that rejuvenates the mind.  Many people grow lawn grass in India for earthing during early mornings or late afternoons. Earth being full of energies enriches your body, mind, and soul and opens up arenas of growth. It unblocks your mind and exercises the body.

Lawn Grass IndiaWith lawn grass in India easily available, it is possible to practice earthing on a daily basis. But, natural grass demands lot of maintenance. This has urged game organizers to go for artificial turf. Football turf is nowadays in demand for organizing football games. It saves lot of time and efforts usually required in maintaining natural grass.

However, walking barefoot on grass has its own benefits. Following are the ways in which your body is positively benefitted with walking on earth.

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Improved muscle and joint pain
  • Enhanced positive moods
  • A healthy immune system
  • Better sleep

Apart from these there are other benefits of walking on grass:

Improvement in eyesight:

While walking barefoot on grass maximum pressure is rendered on first, second, and third toes. These three are the main reflexology pressure points for eyes. Walking stimulates these points and helps in improving eyesight. It is also said that the green color of the grass is eye-soothing and very good for eye health.

Healthy feet:

Walking barefoot on grass is a good exercise for your feet. While strengthening your muscles and tendons, it also stretches them. It helps in avoiding injury to back and knee. Enhancing flexor strength, it benefits those with flat feet.

Gets rid of stress:

Walking barefoot on grass in morning helps calm your mind. With the right environment of sunlight, green and fresh surroundings in the morning will prepare you for the day ahead. Fresh oxygen is nourishing for the organs of your body while the sunlight benefits your body with vitamin D. The calm atmosphere presents right opportunity to relax your mind and relieve stress.

Balances electrical energies:

Your body is consistently depleted of electrons and earth is a good source of radical busting electrons. Free radical stress is all over in our environment, right from transfats to pesticides in our food. When people walk barefoot on grass, the Earth’s surface electrons get transferred into your body and promote physiological changes.

Nature is healing; all we need to do is seek its support for enhancing our health and reducing stress levels. For games it is essential to go for football turf but when it comes to utilizing nature for our own health, natural grass comes to our rescue. Seek the company of nature in morning, late afternoon, or evening! Switch that phone off, remove your shoes, and walk your way to a good health and fresh mind.



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