Why Artificial Turfs Are Perfect For Kids

Artificial Turf, also known as synthetic grass is a collection of fibers over a surface made to look like natural grass. There are multifold advantages of artificial turf over natural grass including their lack of maintenance and the fact that artificial turfs can be installed in a matter of days instead of hours, unlike natural grass which takes a long time to achieve uniform cover. Although you might think that installing artificial turf in your house will be an expensive affair, they more than make up for it by requiring minimum maintenance in the form of an occasional spray of water to clean it of debris, dirt and accumulated waste.

Artificial TurfArtificial turfs are very popular in sports as well as in children’s playgrounds, daycare facilities, and hobby centers. Children tend to get lost in the moment while playing and are prone to falling and scraping their knees. Artificial turfs provide the required amount of cushioning and padding thus breaking the impact of a fall. In addition to that, artificial turfs also mimic natural grass in the softness of blades thus providing a soft and uniform playing surface to children. One of the biggest advantages of artificial turfs is that it doesn’t require any water making them an ideal option for green and eco-friendly living and contributing to water conservation.

Aside from requiring minimum maintenance, artificial turfs also have various other benefits over natural grass that make them extremely suitable for kids.

Extremely low maintenance makes an artificial turf area available all year around as it won’t hold moisture and won’t require time to dry off.

Natural grass requires certain nutrients in the form of fertilizers from time to time which makes it possible for children playing on it to come in contact with harmful chemicals present in the fertilizers. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is relatively safe.

Allergic reaction to grass is also possible in some children. Artificial turfs don’t pose that problem.

Since water doesn’t get accumulated in artificial turfs, mud does not form and as a result, there won’t be any hard to remove grass stains on clothes.

Natural grass tends to retain moisture and as a result, takes a long time to dry off which can lead to the area being slippery until it is completely dry. This increases the chances of slipping and hence can cause injuries to children.

The natural grass like feel and look of artificial turfs appeal to children making them more suitable for playing than other options like latex matting or wood chips.

Artificial turfs tend to have less if not zero infestations of insects or pests compared to natural grass which acts as a home for many insects.

Unlike natural grass which tends to wear down after being walked or ran on, there will be no wear and tear on artificial turfs due to children constantly running around and playing and trampling the grass.

Namgrass is the leading name in artificial turf industry catering across a wide range of applications and customer requirements from commercial to residential. Their artificial turfs are extremely similar to natural grass and mimic both its looks and its feel.

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