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artificial grassThe Cool School

With the advent of International Board and Kindergarten concept in India, much focus is laid on the overall development of the kids, unlike older days of class room concept. Day by day, there is an increasing concept of outdoor activities, focusing much more on physical development of the kids along with the mental focus.

Talking about outdoor activities, it is very important to consider the weather conditions in India. With most of the time, the summers reaching scorching temperatures of 45 degree Celcius mark, most of the playing areas if not watered or maintained well will be reduced to burnt brown patch or a mud patch. If at all it survives the onslaught of Summers, worst is yet to come in the form of down pouring monsoon. With 90% of the time the play area being slippery and muddy doesn’t provide conducive environ for outdoor activities. Alas for country like India, proper playing turfs are only available in winters, of the play area is seeded again with grass to experience the ideal playing surface.

The alternate can be to go for Artificial grass. Be it any weather, be it any condition, outdoors activities are now here round the year, without the impact of nature on the play surface.
Say bye bye to burnt lawns or muddy lawns.

Namgrass is one of the leading European suppliers of Artificial grass, dedicated to manufacturing artificial grass since past 25 years. Namgrass specializes in kindergarten, kids play area, school play areas on ground or on terrace.

Namgrass turf is Lead free, Heavy metal free so that the kid can free to play around, with out the threat of serious injury and scratches. Also being an inert surface, mosquitoes and bacterial doesn’t survive on this, making this kind of surface much more idea of school application.

Here are some of the examples of some schools transformed into cool schools with the combination of colours.

We can see kids no more crying, for not going to school, as they love the school playarea, much more than your own backyard.

Give your kids an absence free school days and maximum play hours round the year.

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