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Artificial Turf Field for Uninterrupted Play, Top Benefits of Artificial Grass Field

Artificial turf has expanded through the home playgrounds to Olympic stadiums and professional cricket fields across the world. There are a number of reasons for having artificial grass athletic field. Especially, cricket pitches across the world use artificial turf due to players’ comfort and playability.

Artificial turf cricket pitch provides perfect field behind every weather and time whereas the natural field turns into mud during rainfall. In fact, artificial turf comes enabled with all-weather utility features which give players chances to play any time.

Apart from these, there are various other advantages of artificial grass field which you cannot get from natural turf.

Benefits of Artificial grass can be categorized into 5 main parts;

Artificial turf;

  • Needs no water
  • Demands less maintenance
  • Environment-friendly
  • No pitch issues
  • Saves space

Artificial Grass Needs no Water

Millions of gallon water invested in the natural grass every morning and evening to keep it fresh and alive while artificial grass does not need water and it lasts longer. At the same time, if it rains, the natural grass turns into muck and players have to stop the game while artificial grass cricket pitch provides uninterrupted play. Moreover, artificial turf helps to harvest water for other use and cut water bills too.

Artificial Turf Requires Less Maintenance

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass requires almost zero cost maintenance. Just lay the turf down in place and enjoy the game, though you need to sweep if there are garbages or debris on the (artificial) turf.


It needs no electric powered machines or equipment for maintenance. In fact, artificial turf is more eco-friendly than natural turf. All you need to do is to sweep it with a broom when autumn leaves fall on it. It will be new and shining in no time.

No Pitch Issues

Cricket pitch is one of the most used areas and it needs to be maintained well. Therefore, the artificial pitch can be the best option to place in the areas of the pitch. Additionally, it is more durable, no matter how rough it is used. The artificial turf equipped with player-friendly properties like excellent bounce, swing, and spin which help baller achieve the better goal.

Wide Ambiance in Less Space

Additional sports land is scarce while the artificial turf cricket pitch provides around three times up space than that of the natural grass ground.

Above all, artificial grass cricket pitch proves to be boon for cricket enthusiast living in the area going through water crisis. Besides, the use of artificial grass can provide additional benefits which we have already discussed in above paras. So, go green and save water while keeping you cricket practice intact and regular.


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