Artificial Turf – An International Appeal

Are you thinking of buying the Artificial Turf? Good thought! You will be saving loads of money. Installation of synthetic turf offers bestows benefits to your family members. How? Well, It doesn’t get boggy or dry in hot seasons. It does not regular maintenance or watering. You can have a barbecue party, or doze through the afternoon having a siesta in your garden chair. Popularly known as Astroturf, this Artificial Turf can make a very large tegument.

Artifiical Turf

AstroTurf History

The history of the artificial grass goes way back in the 70′s and 80′s. When the international matches got canceled due to rain and bad weather, the sports council authority chose to have the Artificial Cricket Grass pitch. The ulterior motive was to make the game last longer and prevent injuries to the players. Installing synthetic turf for the practice ground has also gained popularity among the players. The advent in synthetic turf and its prototype surface have been approved by the Board of Cricket Council. The Australian Rules of Cricket have given a thumbs up to fake pitches. They are completely satisfied with the outcome of fake turf, as it is highly manageable, and gives a chance for an all-round performance. What more can you ask for?

Greener Sports

The Cricket Association believes that the Artificial Cricket Grass provide a par-excellence in a player’s performance. The rolling capacity and rebounding of the ball across the surface is much better on fake than the natural turf.

As we saw, the latest formation in synthetic turf provides much more benefit to the players. Not only the cricket field, but the hockey federation, the football world-cup and international tennis match have also approved of Artificial Turf usage. It provides an exact copy of the lush natural grass in appearance and function. It is made up of fibers, polymers & rubber to maintain the quality and withstand the monsoon rains. There are rare chances of injury as it is not hardbound or soggy. It provides a roundabout viscosity, and an ability to withstand extra hours of tournament without needing the recovery time. A weed-free surface and a low maintenance cost gives the synthetic turf a prime preference in international games.

Fake Grass Pitch

Fake grass pitches are available in various colors and lengths. Some reliable companies provide a 12 month guarantee on its sustenance and vandalism. Ideal size of its measurement is 25m x 2.4m. it can be increased or decreased based on the situation, requirement and price rates. For a normal landscape grass, 1.5 to 2.0 with 1.75 is preferred by the customers. For the sports arena, the Artificial turf measures 2.0 to 3m. Since 2003, over 70 under 17 FIFA and under 20 world cup matches have been using the fake grass and are immensely pleased with the outcome. Even in schools and college playgrounds this concept has been acknowledged. Many cricket coaching clubs prefer to cover their synthetic pitch with dirt or opt for an all-season fake pitch. The synthetic pitch covers can be placed over the pitches during wet seasons.


The selection of fake grass pitches and playground for International sports is the wisest decision made by the council. It does not injure the player, improves his/her performance, doesn’t need maintenance or cancellation of games, remains clean, provides more bounce to the ball and looks beautiful to the audience.

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