Artificial Grass VS Natural Grass Terrace: Which is Greener?

artificial grass in indiaWhy Terrace Garden?

Though India being a huge country with lot of land space, the development happens in clusters, leading to some unoccupied, uninhibited barren lands and some space constrained areas. With the price of the land price going up and up by the day and the increasing size of the family, more and more of the garden backyards are compromised.

One of the way to overcome this compromise, is to go for garden terrace. You can utilize your space better and still have a huge garden space for multipurpose, like family function, get together or a lazy Sunday morning. It might seem extremely soothing idea to have a natural grass cover on terrace with many advantages, but also with set of disadvantages. If you are extremely rich and have lots of labor at your disposal, natural grass is the best option, period.

If not, other easier option is to go for artificial grass. Namgrass is a Indian Multinational involved in manufacturing artificial grass in India since past 25 years and having presence in more than 25 countries. Being artificial grass is the only disadvantage of such system, compared to the long list of advantages which are as follow:

  1. Extremely easy and hasslefree to install. It can be laid onto your existing surface with out consuming much of your time.
  2. No sand involved, so no mud coming into the house
  3. No sand. India being a termite rich country, we give little scope to termite to ruin the house.
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Also security point of view, it has got advantage in country like India, where in no unknown maintenance guy needs to enter the premises.
  6. No dependency on water availability and gardener with increasing labour cost.
  7. Cost friendly considering the waterproofing cost, pesticides and maintenance.

So the next time you are thinking about roof garden, yes it is also your space and it can also look beautiful.

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