Artificial Grass: Is This a Necessity or Just to Show Off!

artificial cricket grassSince the emergence of prominent FIFA football pitch, everyone has gone crazy over artificial grass, be it for sports field, playground, residential lawn areas, school grounds or anything else. However, most of the modern games today that is from cricket to football, soccer, tennis demands continuous play. Hence, you need a sustainable pitch without compromising on the quality.

Basically, artificial cricket grass and synthetic turf’s comprises of grass blades stitched into such a material that provides ease in the movement. Other than this, such products offer a variety of benefits and advantages like:-

Low maintenance
Unlike the natural ones, artificial turf’s / grasses do not need a professional working over it all day long. In fact, it may even interest you to know that these products don’t even need to be watered. It is said that the Town of Wellesley, Massachusetts costs $45,000 less to maintain artificial turf in comparison to the natural grass.

More Playing time
Like I said before, artificial grass offers you more play time. Perhaps you don’t need to check the weather before playing on an artificial cricket grass, thunder and lighting are exceptional for that. While playing on natural grass is more like; even rainfall can postpone an entire match.

Proper movements and Less likely to injury
You can use a variety of shoes while playing on an artificial turf. It’s simply because the product made from artificial turf is made from synthetic materials and doesn’t easily tear like grass. Several experts have noticed the difference of playing on artificial grass and on natural one especially in terms of playing movement, speed and injuries.

Every game has its pace
Do you know that a flat artificial cricket grass offers fast passing and running while uneven grass conditions can disrupt the movement of you as well as your ball. Such obstacles are more likely to be found on natural grass than on artificial turfs. Besides, when the blades of grass are short, you can make the ball travel faster.

Artificial turf’s are harder than the real ones and this is the main reason why the ball tend to bounce high as soon as it hits the ground. There are times when the natural grass gets hardened and this is all because of dry weather while on the other hand, artificial ones containing millions of black rubber beads will not harden the turf.

So this is it! Watch the space for more information and updates on artificial grass.

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