Advantages of Using Artificial Football Turf

Most of the sports fields have turned to artificial turfs, or better known as synthetic grass, rather than using natural grass which requires a lot of maintenance. Synthetic grass is known to provide alluring landscape solutions especially, designed to invigorate the experience of playing on the grass field. With limited resources and maintenance cost, it saves time, efforts, and gallons of water every year. Hence, artificial football turfs reduce many problems associated with natural grass grounds.

Advantages of Using Artificial Football Turf

Let us check the advantages of using artificial football turfs.

Save Water & Other Resources

Gallons of water and fertilizers are not a part of the maintenance list prepared for artificial football turfs. Water is required but in limited quantity. Therefore, expenses can be cut down from these areas.

Pesticides or fertilizers are not used as there is little chance of bugs or weeds to grow and spread. However, for the safer side, limited amount of fertilizers is spread to avoid the growth of weeds.

Less Maintenance

Mowing or seasonal care is not required in artificial football turfs. Therefore, expenses reduce with lower maintenance requirements. These are the two main reasons why the installation of these turfs is much popular now.

Moreover, artificial turfs are synthetic in nature, therefore, they are stain-resistant. It is easy to clean the turfs. Mostly, water, as a cleanser, works best here but for stubborn stains, you may have to use a mixture of some chemicals.

Artificial football turfs have a membrane backing. It reduces the growth of weeds and unwanted plants decreasing maintenance cost, time, and efforts. This backing system is also optimal for letting the water run through. Therefore, maintenance task reduces in comparison to natural turfs.

Less Injury

Artificial turfs have even surfaces. Rough plays do not cause much harm to these grounds. Moreover, there is no scope for potholes or slippery areas. Therefore, we can say that artificial football turfs provide lesser scope for injuries.

Moreover, soccer shoes or hybrid shoes can be worn on artificial turf grounds. The spikes or bump-like threads under the shoes do not cause any harm to the artificial grass.

Reduced Cost

Besides the initial purchase and installation cost, artificial football turf is less expensive when we talk about the maintenance cost. Some of the areas where the effect is seen are:

  • Fertilizers and pesticides are not used
  • Trimming or mowing is not required
  • Reduced water expenditure
  • Reduced labour cost

Enhanced Durability & Utility

Playability of artificial football turf is much higher and it can be used all the year-round. It is good for any season. Rains do not ruin the ground anymore. Cancellation or postponing of games and practice matches due to rain or poor playing conditions is no more a concern.

Longer and better durability of artificial football turfs allows more playing time. They can endure heavy use. Moreover, the recovery time after every game is drastically reduced.
Therefore, the grounds tend to make better profit.

Easy To Use

Artificial football turf is ready to use after being installed. No preparation or seasonal care is required for artificial football turfs. The mowing and trimming of grass is no more a concern. These artificial grounds can be used immediately after installation.

Moreover, the pace of the game depends on the quality of the ground. Artificial football turfs have even surface which smoothens the movement of the ball. The blades of the grass remain short and consistent allowing the ball to travel faster. Also, due to the flat and hard surface, ball tends to bounce higher than expected.

It is a proven fact that artificial turfs can remain lush and strong even after rigorous usage. And football grounds often benefit from synthetic grass use. Low maintenance and water-conserving features add to the advantages.

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