6 Myths About Artificial Cricket Pitches & Turfs

If you had asked us about installing artificial grass, years back, we ourselves would have asked not to. No offence but the old artificial grass were made to look fake and feel rough. But with the advancement in technology, the new artificial turfs are no longer fake and are super soft on the skin. Due to this reason, there are many schools and clubs that have started installing artificial grass, in order to have a better playing surface for sports like tennis, cricket and soccer.

With this, there are still many people who believe that these aren’t the ideal playing surfaces for sports. We are here to bust these myths about artificial cricket pitches and turfs.

artificial cricket pitches

Read on to know 6 Myths About Artificial Cricket Pitches & Turfs

Common Myths about Artificial Cricket Turfs

1.It’s environmentally unfriendly
After you install an artificial cricket pitch, it will not require maintenance like the real lawn. Due to which, there is no use of fertilizers, pesticides or lawnmowers or even a lot of use of water to keep it cool in summer.

Other than this, most of the artificial lawns are recyclable and made of recycled plastics. This gives them durability of 20 years in some cases. This will enable your cricket pitch look green and patch free, all year long. This makes the above statement completely false.

2.It still needs maintenance
If you live in an area, where you witness normal rain, you do not have to worry about maintaining the artificial lawn at all. They can wash off the artificial cricket pitches on their own, letting you have a maintenance-free ground.

3.Kids/People don’t like playing on it
This is completely false. There are many schools that are adapting to artificial lawn grounds to let their kids be safe as some of the turfs have shock pads that save the kids from a fall. These are made out of recycled eco-rubber. Remove unsightly mold and algae growth.

Other than this, the artificial cricket pitches are designed to have superior playing surface, allowing a better practice.

4.It harbours germs
That is true but only for the natural lawn. The artificial cricket pitches cannot harbour any pests or germs as their surfaces are always clean and away from debris and other organic matter, which are quite common with the natural lawn.

Also, as there are no germs, you do not require any pesticides. This will enable you to have a safe environment for the players.

5.It just looks fake
Artificial Lawns by definition are ‘natural looking’, so this leaves no room for it to look fake. It can feel fake but it surely does not look fake. The new and advanced technology helps the new artificial cricket pitches to have many colours, textures and cuts that are ideal for replacing the natural lawn.

6.It Can’t Handle Heavy Traffic
No. It does not wear and tear easy. Artificial cricket pitches are designed to stand strong against the heavy use of play. Due to which, they can easily stand strong for 5 to 10 years, without any or less maintenance.

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