4 Questions to Ask Before Installing Golf Turf

Living in a country like India, we seldom utilize our home to its fullest. With cramped up spaces and high-rise apartments on a rise, people have stopped letting the outdoors in. We enjoy a warm weather for most of the months in the year and it is a shame that we cannot let the sun in and have a warm sunny relaxing vibe in our homes. But we are seeing a new trend that many architects seem to follow. Even if the space of our houses has become smaller, architects are trying to incorporate outdoor elements in it, in a way to let you have your small space amidst nature. More prominently, these architects try to involve sports in their landscape planning. Many of these plans include a Golf Turf!

If you are someone who has been fascinated by the golf clubs and always wished to join them, then we have a less costly, at your convenience option for you. Install artificial golf grass at home. These grass are natural looking and provide a more durable area with almost zero maintainance. Before you jump quickly into the installation procedure, read on to find out what questions you should ask before installing Golf Turf at your home.

Golf Turf

Question You Should Ask Before Installing Artificial Golf Turf

1. What is the first step to having a putting green installed?

Planning! Planning is the first step to any process and so for this one as well. Plan your space as it will help you gain better answers. While planning, make account of the-

  • Place you wish to install your golf grass
  • Size of the installation
  • Shape of the installation
  • Normal or Elevated Turf for a harder course

2. How long does it take to install golf grass?

It generally depends on the type of course you wish to install. The normal ones take merely a day for installation.

3. What type of maintenance will my golf turf require?

Artificial golf grass is heat resistant and so provide a better surface no matter how many years it has been since installation. With a quality golf turf, you can be certain that you will not face any colour damage or any normal wear and tear. Thus, it will require no or less maintenance in the near future and its long-lasting feature acts as a safety net for a further future.

4. Is the artificial grass cost really worth it?

If you buy quality artificial grass then it is definitely worth your spendings and more. There are many vendors in the market who manufacture artificial turfs but Namgrass is unmatched in its quality. Our artificial turfs are highly durable and provide a softer surface to play without any scratches.

Will you be able to fit it at your place?

Artificial grass can be installed custom without any hassle. You just need to have a clear idea about the size you need. Also, while getting installed, make sure that you have quality golf turf on your hands. This will be able to make your installation worth all your money. Call Namgrass to get quality golf turf at +91 9924407773 or drop us a mail on shah@namgrass.com to know more about our products. Also, do not forget to ask for free samples!


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