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Advantages of Using Artificial Football Turf

Most of the sports fields have turned to artificial turfs, or better known as synthetic grass, rather than using natural grass which requires a lot of maintenance. Synthetic grass is known to provide alluring landscape solutions especially, designed to invigorate the experience of playing on the grass field. With limited resources and maintenance cost, it saves time, efforts, and gallons of water every year. Hence, artificial football turfs reduce many problems associated with natural grass grounds.

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How to Maintain Artificial Cricket Turf?

A surface which is made of synthetic fibers is known as artificial turf. To prepare it, a blend of two groups of polymers is used – polyolefin and polyamide. The former includes polyethylene and polypropylene and the latter is nylon. Further, chemicals are used to modify them resulting in various characteristics such as longevity, resistance to weathering and friction, etc. These turfs are artificial but made to look like natural grass. Continue reading