Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Golf Grass

Frequently asked questions about artificial golf grass!

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Golf Grass

What is artificial golf grass green?

Artificial golf grass greens are man-made or synthetic grounds that look like natural greens.

How is artificial golf grass made?

Artificial golf grass is made of polypropylene and polyethylene. These polymers are converted into synthetic fibers that look like natural grass greens. Further, infills are added to that make the base of the carpet. These are mostly rubber granules and silica sand. They also help keep the grass upright.

Does artificial golf grass look like real grass?

YES! In the past few years, technical advancements have made drastic changes in the look and feel of artificial turf. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the real and artificial grass. However, it needs to be installed well for a perfect look.

Are all artificial golf turfs the same?

NO! There are different turfs systems available and can be customized based on the requirements. The customization would include first, second, and even third cut fringes, chipping and tee line materials. Moreover, the designs also change based on specific requirements.

Does artificial golf grass play like natural grass?

Yes! If good quality artificial grass systems are installed well, they certainly do. There are other advantages of installing artificial golf greens that outweigh the natural grounds.

Do artificial golf turfs react to shots the same way as natural grass grounds?

Yes! Artificial golf turfs are installed with systems that not only look like natural grass grounds but also play like them. The former has the bounce and roll-out similar to that of a good quality natural golf grass ground. Shots from 200 yards also have great reactions.

Can shots be practiced from different lies?

The golf turf can be made as per your specifications and a variety of lies are possible.

Why has artificial golf turf gained popularity over the past few years?

Today, artificial turf is a smart solution for golf greens and many other playing fields. With real grass grounds, there are safety and maintenance issues. Moreover, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep a grass field lush green and bouncy throughout the year, especially during the rainy seasons and months when grass doesn’t grow. Artificial golf grass greens solve all the problems and at low-maintenance cost. Therefore, they are considered to be a better option than real greens.

What are the different types of infill materials for artificial golf turfs?

Sand Infill – This is the oldest and most common infills used. It is non-toxic and fracture resistant. It does not contain metals, excess dust, etc. it is often mixed with other infills. This gives a more realistic and safe playing surface. However, while infilling, you need to take care that the sand is pure. It would keep away bacteria and other field contaminants.

EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a polymer that has high resistance to friction. It does not change its form under high-temperature. EPDM is known for durability and it sustains this property irrespective of any climate. It is an excellent infill material due to its elasticity and resistance to chemical compounds.

Rubber – Crumb rubber is used as an infill material. It is made of a re-cycled truck and car tire scraps. There are two types of crumb infills: Cryogenic and Ambient. If required, these can be covered with anti-microbial substances. Rubber infill does not contain metal.

Organic Infills – Organic compounds such as ground fibers (outer shell of the coconut) are used as infills. When you need replacement, these infills can be recycled.

Is the artificial golf turf anti-microbial?


Does artificial golf grass get weeds?

Yes, weeds may appear in the long run but they can be removed easily. And with proper care, their further growth can also be reduced.

Can sunlight damage or fade artificial golf grass?

Like all products, it will lose a small amount of color in the first few months but then it stabilizes and the color stops releasing.

What happens to the artificial golf grass when it rains or snows?

Drainage system is installed well with the artificial golf grass grounds. Water drains out easily through the ground. Snow is also allowed to melt and drain away naturally. You can also remove the snow with the help of snow-remover if you need to use the ground immediately.

Does artificial golf turf require a lot of maintenance?

NO! Artificial golf turfs can be easily taken care of with low-maintenance cost, time, and efforts. But yes, they need regular attention that would definitely increase their longevity.

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